Jayaram in Shaji Kailas movie 'Madirasi'
Director Shaji Kailas is famous for his action films. Though he is not having best of the times in Mollywood, he is always busy with his lined up films in Malayalam. Currently, Shaji Kailas is directing a new Malayalam movie 'Simhasanam' with Bigstar Prithviraj in the lead.

By the time, Shaji Kailas completes his current project 'Simhasanam', he will quickly move on to start a new Malayalam movie, titled as 'Madirasi' with Family Hero Jayaram in the lead. This is only the second movie that Jayaram is going to do with Shaji Kailas, since their last movie in together 'Kilukkampetti' released way back in 1991.

Just like his current project 'Simhasanam', the script for this new film 'Madirasi' too will get written by the director Shaji Kailas himself. This film is said to be a hardcore action film, based on some true incidents that gets happened in the underworld of old Madras city.

More details regarding this new film 'Madirasi' will get updated here, so keep in touch with us..
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